01.02.10  new updates are online. I hope you also like my new needle felted small things. :) I didn't write updates but there have also been some in 2009 :) 

Have fun at my page !


  • 11.02.   New drawings added. I'm mostly doing comissions at date. I'm sorry but I hope I will have more time again anytime.
  •               Please have a look at my new category crochet designs :o)
  • 01.11.   New coal drawing added.
  • 27.10.   A new caron / coal drawing is added.
  • 15.10.   I did some updates. I hope you like the changes at the design I did.

  • 06.08.   I'm reworking my website so please be pationed with me. It might take some time till everything will be perfect. THANKS



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