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24.12.08   I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks for visiting my page and beeing interessted in my art.  

03.04.08   I added three new pencil drawings. I hope you like them. Two of them are comissions. If you are interessted in a comission feel free to write me an email :)

19.02.08   new carbon pencil drawing added of Tristan & Isolde

02.02.08   new pencil drawing and two new photos added.

21.01.08   new colour drawing added

08.01.08   I finished the first drawing in 2008 :) It's a colour pencil drawing of my parents neighbours twins. Two cuties. Have a look at it.

24.12.07   I WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I promise that I will update my homepage more regular next year and I hope I will have still time to draw.

My little son Noah was born on 25.11.07. :)

I have uploaded some photos and some drawings so have a look around







15.11.07   finally I updated my homepage. Recently I am waiting for my baby to come. Hopefully it will be soon ;) Can't wait to see my little boy. :) Have a look around. Some new photos and drawings are postet.

10.10.07   as I don't know where to post my new drawing I post the description here :)

28.09.07   new carbon drawing added

30.08.07   some new drawings uploaded. And a photo of me and my two men ;)


08.08.07   I think I'm back :) I did a drawing of Barbara Meier, germany's next Topmodel. And this was the first one I realy liked to do since I'm pregnant.

Yay! Have a look at colour drawings. :)

04.08.07   puh... almost untrue but some news ;) As you might have noticed I didn't draw for a long time. The reason for it is that I'm pregnant and somehow my inspiration left me from this day on. (I hope my baby will bring it back as it used to be when he is here :)) But I did some new things. I finished a new pencil drawing and a pastel one last week. Some pics are on as well. Have fun watching and I hope you'll come back to my page even if I don't do that much these days ;)

19.03.07   new drawings added

18.02.07   new carbon pencil drawing added Johnny

03.02.07   drawings updated. The love story is done now :)

29.01.07   new colour drawing added

26.01.07   the 2nd drawing of the love story added.

21.01.07   story of love and passion new drawing added

08.01.07   some new coal drawings added :) I'm trying to make a new homepage which will take some time... Till then please visite my page at


27.12.06   new drawings added


06.12.06   new coal drawing added

28.11.06   Yay. Man made a drawing of me. I feel so proud about it. Have a look at his drawings. It's deffinetely worh it. Thanks so much Man.

21.11.06   a new carbon drawing and two new shirts :)

06.11.06   finally 3 new drawings uploaded in coal and carbon section....and a new artlink added :)

17.10.06   new carbon pencil drawing added. I added a new section for carbons also. I will deffinetely do some more ;)

12.10.06   If I don't draw, others do ;) ;) ;) See two new drawings done by Zindy and Giada. I am so proud to be drawn by such talented artists :) Thanks girls :)


02.10.06   new coal drawing added :)

28.09.06   two new drawings added. 1 coal and one colour

26.09.06   I added 4 new drawings :) Have a look around! + new Link of Kristen. Check out her page as well. It's worth it !

21.09.06   new shirt added + Zindy made a new drawing of me. It's in the "about me" section ;) and here:

20.09.06   new coal drawing added.

I was visiting Zindy on the weekend and we did a lot of drawings ;) We acctually drew like crazy and I will have some new ones up here soon. So keep watching.

09.09.06   new colour drawing added :)

06.09.06   new painting added - in colour drawings - don't wonder why but I don't know where else to add it. ;)

01.09.06   believe it or not, a new drawing added. I am sick of mooving but I think soon I will have more time to draw again!

19.08.06   Due to my vacation I made two new pencil drawings. You can find them in the pencil drawing section :)

04.08.06   I will be in vacation for the next 2 weeks :) I guess there will be a hug update when I come back... hopefully ;)

01.08.06   new photos and new coal drawing added

28.07.06   new photo added

27.07.06   again a new colour drawing added ;)

26.07.06   new colour pencils drawing added

17.07.06   yay.... I just saw that my friend Zindy made a new drawing of me. Hun thanks so much for that. Have a look at her page. All her work is amazing!

14.07.06   some new photos added. 4 new pencildrawings  

12.07.06   new old shirt added

10.07.06   new painting added.

06.07.06   new old shirt added (I just made a pic of it ;))

30.06.06   new pencil drawing added.

26.06.06   new pencil drawing added.

11.06.06   two new drawings and an old one scanned

08.06.06   new pastel drawing added in colour drawings ;)

03.06.06   I'm done. New pencil drawing added.

31.05.06   new pencil drawing added. :) If you're interessted what I currently draw....


30.05.06   new link added

22.05.06   new jewellery and new shirts added

11.05.06   new pencil drawing added.

09.05.06   some new photos added of Stephan

08.05.06   new colour drawing added. (For the drawing game) There will be a extra page for a drawing game for 1 week. Please just ignore ;)

24.04.06   the drawing of the old man is done :)

20.04.06 I've been on a short trip in Cologne. No time to draw... ;) Now I've started a new piece of art on a new drawing paper.

11.04.06 new pencils sketch and a coloured flower added

08.04.06 new pencil drawing added

03.04.06 new pencil drawing added

01.04.06 I added a new "old" shirt and made a special shirt section and some new selfportraits are added in the photo section

29.03.06 new pencil drawing added

28.03.06 new shirt added.

24.03.06 I just noticed that one shirt I painted wasn't on here. It's uploaded in my creativity. 2 quick aquarell colour drawings also added.

23.03.06 some small homepage designs are changed. The button will bring you, as it sais, back to art ;) I also deleted the overwies in the special drawing sections. It took to long to upload. My wedding pictures you can find in photos and the old art I did you can find in my art.

22.03.06 new colour drawing added. Finally ;)

I also added a new vote. I would be happy if you would participate. I am curious where people know my page from ;) If you choose others then please let me know from where :) :)

21.03.06 new designed Shirt and Sweater added in creativity


and Katie Melua concert pictures added

09.03.06 new coal drawing again ;)

07.03.06 new coal drawing added

06.03.06 new pencil drawing added

03.03.06 new WIP added in art

28.02.06 new colour drawing added

23.02.06 new röteln colour drawing added

22.02.06 new colour drawing (röteln) added

17.02.06 new sunrise pictures in photos :)

14.02.06 Happy Valentines Day to everyone. :) I added a new colour drawing.

09.02.06 a new "Valentines Day" drawing added. Pencil drawing :)

05.02.06 new colour drawing added

03.02.06 due to the fact that I get a lot of spam mails in my guestbook everyday I have changed the settings. I will check every entry now before it will be shown. I'm sorry for that caus I don't like that but I have no other choice.

02.02.06 a new drawing of me done by Ine added in "about me" Check it, it's worth it... you will have fun ;) also a new pastel colour drawing added

29.01.06 new pencil drawing added

19.01.06 new pencil drawing added

16.01.06 new pencil sketch added

10.01.06 new pencil drawing of my love added :) and some new photos

07.01.06 new pencil drawing of Katie Melua added

21.12.05 new coal drawing added of Ine

29.12.05 Zindy made me the best christmas present I ever got. She did 2 pics for me. One of Stephan and me and on of me. Please have a look at me (scroll down) and please have a look at Zindy's page. She's one of the best!!!

Zindy, my dear friend, thank you again!!!

28.12.05 new pencil drawing added

25.12.05 New pencil drawing added

23.12.05 I was quite busy with singing the last few weeks. Now that I have christmas vacation I will have some time for drawing :) I think I can upload something new quite soon ;)

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

10.12.05 I didn't realise that it was that long ago that I uploaded a new drawing... anyway.... here goes a new pencil drawing.

24.11.05 new colour drawing added

11.11.05 1st oil painting added and my first comission (in pecil drawings)

07.11.05 new colour drawing added

27.10.05 new pencil drawing added

22.10.05 new colour drawing added

17.10.05 new graphit drawing of Tash added

16.10.05 new coal drawing added and some new photos

11.10.05 new coal drawing added

08.10.05 new pencil drawing added.

07.10.05 I am so proud! One of my friends has drawn Stephan and me. Isn't that so great? Please visit Tashs Webpage and give her credit for that great drawing! Thanks so much girl!

Tash's web page

05.10.05 3 new photos added

03.10.05 2 new drawings in penicl drawings added

21.09.05 new shirt added

15.09.05 new colour drawing added. Helena Christensen

13.09.05 a new coal drawing of Stephan added

10.09.05 I added a new colour drawing of Tori Amos

09.09.05 I forgot again to mention that a new colour drawing was added a few days ago already :) Ooooppppsss..... Now there is a new one again, Elvis. Have a look at the carcoal drawings. It's just a sketch but a drawing ;)

31.08.05 I almost forgot to mention it... but this month I've been drawing for 1 year now. I am quite happy with how I learned... to see some results look at that:

August 04 (my first one ;))This is a thumbnail of your image, and will appear like this in the message board. May 05

Thanks for watching my site... this means a lot to me and always makes me want to do more ;)



30.08.05 new photos added

24.08.05 new colour drawing she goes again ;)

23.08.05 new WIP added

19.08.05 new jewellery added. + 1 new pencil drawing -Sändi

18.08.05 I added some more photos.

16.08.05 I have a whole week without any appointments at evening :) I have some time to be creative as you can see.... Some updates in jewellery.

15.08.05 I did a new colour drawing of Josephine. Have a look :)

08.08.05 I added a new drawing...done for a drawing game. It had to be a drawing that someone else is choosing for you. And it should be something different than you usually draw. You can find it in the graphit-drawings section.

01.08.05 Back from my honeymoon I did a little update. There are two new drawings in pencil drawings. Hope you like them.

17.07.05 I am married.... unbelievable but true ;)

I know, I know, I didn't do a lot of updates but here are some. In drawings there are some new pics and I added a new section ... my wedding... this is the reason why I didn't have that much time to draw the last days. I will be in vacation the next two weeks and I will draw, draw, draw ;) :)

16.06.05 new colour drawing added. Zindy Nielsen

03.06.05 new pencil drawing added. MANWOMAN.


...I'm so proud to be side of the month on :) Thanks to Zindy!




28.05.05 A new colour drawing added. Audrey Tautou.

25.05.05 I totally forgot to update my page. Sorry :( Mermaid and Mischa are done :)

18.05.05 Mischa is updated ;)

16.05.05 I've started a new WIP of Mischa Barton.

28.04.05 unbelievable but true. I've found my Mermaid pic again... I'll finish this one now. There's an update in WIP now.

12.04.05 I don't have a lot of time to draw these took some time to finish my Mary J. Blidge drawing. I love that woman. Hope you like the pic. (graphit drawing)

02.04.05 some new updates. I've added a new section, pictures. Hope you like it. Also new jewellery, a bag in creativity and a WIP added.

22.03.05 I've added 3 new pics.

14.03.05 a new drawing in pencil drawings (Monica Bellucci) and a new categorie is added. (Jewllery)

07.03.2005 2 new drawings added. One in pencil drawing and one done by Stephan in Stepan's

06.03.2005 Lisa Loeb added in pencil drawings

04.03.2005 new WIP of Lisa Loeb added

01.03.2005 new pencil drawing of Jude Law added.

11.02.2005 I WILL MARRY THIS YEAR ! (15th of July) DAMN I AM GETTING OLD :)

23.02.2005 2 new colour drawings added (Jonny and Alanis) hope you like them :)

10.02.2005 my Erykah Badu pics are posted on and check it out :)

09.02.2005 new concert date added... I hope you will all come if you have the possibility! :)

04.02.2005 I finally finished the drawing of the two kids :) (graphite drawings) Hope you like it.

03.02.2005 WIP of the Kids updated... I'm almost done... :)

01.02.2005 the rainboweye is added in colour drawings.

30.01.2005 new WIP (kids)

26.01.2005 new WIP added (eye)

21.01.2005 new graphit drawing added (Almudena Fernandez)

18.01.2005 In "my voice" I added some singig gig's.

17.01.2005 I reworked some drawings and added some new ones. Reworked: SLJ, Armani, Ji min, new: Lisa (colour) and Joss (graphit)

13.01.2005 update in WIP (Lisa) and colour drawings (Waris) and pencildrawings (Samuel L. Jackson).

12.01.2005 updated the SLJ WIP and a new plastern body is in creativity.

11.01.2005 new WIP added (SLJ) + (Orchidee)

10.01.2005 a new picture in graphit drawings (Armani advertisement)...if anybody knows the name of the girl...please tell me :) THX. I also added a new colour one in WIP. I'm not satisfied jet...

10.01.2005 New WIP added (Armani Girl)

05.01.2005 the site has changed a little bit. Added some german text and changed the "drawings" category.



I wanted to do an black ballpen, non realistic drawing for some time already. I did these kind of drawings more when I went to school. Usually on the backside of my books ;)

This one is quite personal cause I drew myself as I see me at date. I drew the skirt as some kind of roots cause to me it feels as if I need them a lot since I'm pregnant. I have to live a more regulated life in future than I did by now.

The other things around me are things that I like or that mean a lot to me. Some words are in as well. :)

I thaugth about colouring it but I'm scared to damage it.

Is it necessary to mention that fullview is must ?! ;)

black ballpen on drawin paper A4
Time about 10+ hours
03.01.2005 I wish all of you a happy new year! Some updates in drawings. Please don't forget to asses the pictures or sign my guestbook :)
26.12.2004 new drawing of Erykah Badu.
20.12.2004 finally some updates in drawings. Female, Jewel, Hidden Bedauty, Tori Amos, my parents and Jessica Biel, all done on 18.+19.12.04 .
09.12.2004 you might think I'm lazy these days because I don't post that much... but I’m not ;) I added an old one of Katie Holmes which I couldn't scan bec. it's A3. I made a picture of it now. Also added new WIP's (Mermaid, Mama+Papa)
06.12.2004 new drawing added (Katja)
01.12.2004 new WIP added (Katja)
29.11.2004 new drawing added (Jessica Alba)
25.11.2004 new drawing added (Lauryn Hill) finally ;)
24.11.2004 new wip added (new status of Lauryn and Marta from Die Happy)
23.11.2004 new wip added (Lauryn Hill colour)
22.11.2004 new drawing added (first colour drawing!)
19.11.2004 new drawing added (my Dad) WIP taken out ;)
17.11.2004 new drawing added (Heike Makatsch), creativity completely new :) and a new WIP, concert cards added, new layout (that's what I'm doing at lunchbreak if I don't draw!
16.11.2004 new WIP added (Heike Makatsch)
14.11.2004 new drawing added (Harald Lehmann)





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