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Art: My cousin Freddy's page! It's worth seeing! sensational portraits, pictures, photos, anime, etc...  ...wie gesagt, Stars in Öl :)
Art links of Zindy's Forum: She's why I started to draw portraits  :) Ingrid's page Deb's page


http://so1428   Sonja's page Elena's page Brian's page
Rifty's page Karin's page Mica's page  Andreas' page Angels art   

Ine's art   

Robin's art

Irene's art

Coralays art

Kristens art

Lianne's art

Alina's art




Fine Art Info.

the home of my cousin Marc  my BADU pics are posted there :)  very nice site for all you soulsistas out there. Some of my pics are on this page also ;) THX to Nicole :)   Another Badu page my pic is listed at   Kunst net :) 
Music: The one and only, Joe Whitney. Check out the Streetlive Fam. web page. Shaqua Spirit... great Band from Darmstadt, covers and "own-songs". The Band where my friend Judith is singing.
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