carbon drawings





Tristan & Isolde 02/08

I wanted to do a drawing that is like the story of love I did ([link])
again for some time already.
[link] gave me the reference of this drawing. Thanks for that girl.
I might do another one of Tristan & Isolde but I'm not sure.

A3 drawing paper
carbon pencil and HB and B pencils, tissue, eraserpencil
Time: I didn't count ;)

Feeling safe my love 09/07
finally I finished the drawing of my two men and me ;)

I am satisfied with the the drawing itself but not with the likeness of Stephan. Somehow I messed him up but I don't get what I did wrong.
Had a problem with the angle of his face....
I used an A3 carton. it is quite different to draw on carton I think. I decided to make it in sephia as I made the original photo cause I liked the mood of it a lot. I was thinking to name it "feeling safe" cause this was what I felt while drawing it.

A3 carton
carbon pencil, pencils, white pastel pencil, erasers, tissue
Johnny Depp 03/07
This drawing I did for my sister. She turnes 22 this week.

carbon pencils on A3 drawing paper
Smudging only for the background
Alina 03/07
This is Thanks a lot girl for letting me draw it. Was quite fun.

done with carbon and normal pencils on
carton paper, tissues, eraser
Time, I don't know ;)
Nadja Auermann 03/07

I did this on the paper we used for our wedding invitation.
There is some silver shimmer on it which you can't see now. But it looks quite cool.

Drawing on this paper was quite fun but there is no possibility to erase anything.

Done with carbon and normal pencils
no earsing at all and no smudging
about 2.5 hours



 Right after I finished Monika I started this one. Was quite fun. I think the original picture is so beautiful.

Done with carbon pencils
little smudging
A4 drawing paper
about 6 hours


I used a reference for the pose only and changed a lot. Like the hair, arms and face. I thaught it might be nice to have a flower skirt like the flower I once drew. So I tried doing it. I'm not sure about the background.... But I' sure that I want to change the sky as I don't like it.

pencils on drawing paper A4

I changed the eyes a little. they where almost black on the original. I added a slight green on the eyes. :)
hope you like it. Also added a little more of her shirt as I liked doing it ;)

carbon pencils for the drawing and a "h" pencil.
coal for the background


I hope I can make a scan of this anytime!

Leaves are fun. I didn't think so but they are

A3 Hahnemühle paper
my so loved carbon pencils
tissue and erasers 



A3, 2 soft carbon pencils, Tissue, kneated eraser and eraser
About 10 hours




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